฿1,000.00 THB

A great way to lose those extra pounds and kilos is with some Personal Training. The New Leaf Detox experienced Fitness Trainers will teach you how to maxamise your time by exercising for weight loss and improve metabolic rate. We teach ‘high impact interval training sessions” or HIITS. This is very effective and can be done at home without expensive equipment. This training produces what is known as ‘after burn training’ ABT increases your heart rate and metabolism so you burn for several hours after you have stopped your session.

At New Leaf we use our on-site Personal Training studio or our partner gym called Ultra Bodies. We can also arrange private bicycle training and longer walking or jogging sessions. Our trainers are experienced Triathletes, Cyclists and Fitness experts so you’ll be in safe hands and anyone regardless of experience will benefit from this type of training. Book your sessions with your detox or contact us for more information today.