New Leaf Detox Resort guests on a morning beach walk


New Leaf’s 28 Day Detox Weight Loss Package

The 29 night / 28 day (arrival night is free) ‘New Life’ program has been designed for maximum body detox weight loss, health and fitness. New Leaf is the premier Thailand weight loss detox.

The 28 day ‘New Life’ juice fasting detox programme includes the full New Leaf program.  This is a very powerful weight loss and fitness package for anyone looking to lose substantial stored body fat and tone muscle. This detox weight loss package will improve fitness and overall wellness and health.

This one month detox is a very popular programme for people looking for a big change in their lives. Many of our guests, men and women see this 28-day fast detox as a way to get ‘back on track’ and detoxing in Thailand is the perfect place for that health holiday.

Your programme includes daily colema, guided group activities, all detox meals and supplements from our own brand Air Thai Life.  This package also includes a Liver flush each week of your stay and we have structured the program so you can add Detox Extras like personal training, private Thai boxing, private Yoga classes, swimming lessons, Thai Cooking and more.

New Leaf Detox Morning Walk


Your Room Rate includes:

  • Free WiFi in Room & Resort
  • Free Koh Samui Airport Transfers
  • All Detox Juices, Smoothies & Soups
  • All Detox Supplements & Herbal Teas
  • Daily Gym & Personal Training Studio
  • Daily Guided Walks
  • Daily Room Serviced
  • Daily Traditional Thai or Oil Massage
  • Large Bed (Queen or King)
  • Daily Yoga Class
  • Private Bathroom
  • Meditation Sessions
  • Cable Television
  • Daily Far Infrared Sauna (separate Women and Mens)
  • Daily Thai Herbal Steam Room (separate Women and Mens)
  • Air Conditioning
  • Daily Self-administered Coffee Colema (Enema)
  • Balcony (close to the pool & beach)
  • Daily Parasite Zapper Use
  • Refrigerator (stocked with water)

New Leaf is an ‘all inclusive’ detox weight loss resort.

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Photo of the Standard bungalow room at New Leaf detox resort Koh Samui Thailand


New Resort Soft Opening Room Pricing

Junior Single: ฿154,000 THB
Standard Single: ฿168,000 THB
Standard Couple’s: ฿308,000 THB

Plus 7% Government VAT and 5% service fee.

Junior Room

These are compact 20 square meter comfortable single occupancy rooms. They have a private bathroom, a comfortable bed, air con, wifi, TV etc.

Standard and Couples Bungalow

These are 35 square meters and very comfortable for single or double occupancy. These rooms have a queen size bed, private bathroom, air con, wifi and TV. Everything you need for a private detox holiday.

The 4 week 28 day ‘New Life’ detox weight loss package has the ability to launch a guest into a brand new world where weight, fitness and health are no longer an obstruction to what you might want to achieve. This sounds like a big statement but time and time again we have witnessed some incredible transformations from our guests. It’s not only how you look but how you will feel after this amazing detox fasting month.

At New Leaf we believe this 4 weeks 28-day detox wellness package will transform anyone looking for maximum weight loss and body rejuvenation. Get started today and speak with an experienced detox expert at New Leaf Detox Resort Koh Samui Thailand.

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