Air Page – General Manager / Certified Detox Specialists

Air Page is the Founder and Director of New Leaf Detox Resort Koh Samui Thailand

Air founded New Leaf Detox Resort in 2006. Air retains a ‘hands on’ approach and is in the resort daily greeting guests and taking nutrition, cooking and other health classes on a regular basis. She graduated from Ramkhamhaeng University in Thailand. With her in-depth knowledge of detoxification, Air has featured in programs for Asian News channel in Singapore and local airlines all around Asia. Air continues to write and study nutrition, health and natural supplements.

Air is also the owner and operator of Air Thai Life an organic Thai supplement company that sells products all over the world. Air formed Air Thai Life to be able to supply a steady, regulated flow of high quality detox and superfood supplements to New Leaf Detox Resort guests. Air Thai Life is now sold around the world from the website Air Thai

Tamara – Program Director

Tamara - New Leaf Detox Resort Program DirectorTamara is an experienced detoxer and trainer. Here education extends from Business to Personal Training and she has a vast knowledge on psychical education, training, nutrition and management. She is a great motivator and want the very best for each guest. She is a great asset to the New Leaf team.

Pink – Detox Assistant

Pink - Detox Assistant for New Leaf Detox Resort

Pink hails from Thailand and has a wealth of experience in the health industry. She has worked actively in detox and health industry and will be on hand to assist the guests and schedule their detox activities.

Tanya – Guest Assistant

Tanya is New Leaf Detox's guest assistant

Tanya hails from Russia and is one of the New Leaf guest assistants. She is proficient in guest relations and is one of the main people you will see actively looking after each guests needs. Tanya speaks Russian and English.

Tracey – Activities Director

Tracey - New Leaf Detox Activities DirectorTracey is a qualified fitness and studio instructor. She has been a qualified Body Balance Instructor for Les Mills (Pilates, Tai Chi and Yoga). Her classes are fun and informative.

Yak – Activities Co-ordinator

Yak is the New Leaf Detox Resort Activities co-ordinator. He is an expereinced personal trainer and guide.Yak is a fitness expert having worked in the industry for two decades. He is highly experienced in Personal Training, Thai boxing, Aerobics and he guides the guest daily walks. Yak speaks Thai and English.

KP – Marketing and Customer Service

KP is the New Leaf Detox Resort Marketing and Customer Service Manager.

KP is an Australian Digital Marketing expert and an athlete. KP came to New Leaf as a guest in 2008 before joining the New Leaf team as the Marketing and Customer Service Manager. He is a Surfer, Cyclist, Mountain Biker and Triathlete who has been training and racing in the region since 2005. He is often seen riding and running around the beautiful southern beaches and jungle of Samui. KP speaks English, Mandarin and some Thai.

Lucky – Team Leader

Lucky is a New Leaf Detox Team Leader

Lucky is one of the team who you’ll always see looking after someone. He is a multi talented and you might even see him filling in on a morning walk from time to time but he is generally looking after the guests. Lucky speaks English, Hindi and Thai.

Sylvie Claramontes – Sivananda Certified Yoga Teacher

Sylvie Claramontes is New Leaf's Sivananda Certified Yoga Teacher

Sylvie is a French native and has been teaching yoga and meditation since 2000. She conducts daily guest group classes at New Leaf. Sylvie speaks French and English.

Charlie – General Assistant

Charlie is General Assistant to the Guests at New Leaf Detox

Charlie has been with New Leaf Detox Resort Koh Samui Thailand since 2009. Charlie is the general front of house assistant. No job is too small for Charlie. He is a great asset to the Team.

PongĀ – Chef and Juice Master

Pong - New Leaf Detox Chef

PongĀ is a master of the blender and juicer. She is responsible from buying the fresh organic produce and making the tasty juices, smoothies and soups.

Sod, Aun and Toy – Massage Therapist

Sod, Aun and Toy New Leaf Detox Resort Massage Therapists.

Sod, Aun and Toy are highly experienced Thai and Oil Massage Therapist. Massage is a daily part of the New Leaf Detox program and each guests enjoys a one hour massage with our amazing therapists.

Pong and Pu – Housekeeping

Pong and Pu. These are hard working members of staff who will service your room, do your laundry, setup your colemas and generally make sure your bungalow is clean and tidy and everything is working, as it should. They speak Thai and some English.

Sua – Gardener and Maintenance

Sua is one of the New Leaf family members. You will see him busily going about keeping the gardens and grounds neat and tidy.